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Early school leaving: making it a public concern in France and abroad
Pierre-Yves BERNARD, CREN, University of Nantes, France

To remember

  • The early school leaving rate is falling, but the employability gap between graduates and non-graduates is increasing.
  • Leaving school early is the result of a process which is constructed over the course of an individual’s school career.
  • The challenge of getting all young people a recognised upper-secondary school qualification necessitates doing as much as possible to prevent early school leaving, but also reflecting on alternative ways for achieving these qualifications.

An international comparison of school asbsenteeism: the contribution of PISA
Ariane BAYE, University of Liege, Belgium

To remember

  • France is one of the countries for which the social make-up of a school is the most significant predictor of the risk for absenteeism, more so than the socio-economic level of any individual student. The immigration status of a student also has a significant impact in this respect.
  • All things being equal in terms of students’ profiles, students are more likely to skip school if their peers do.
  • Unlike other countries, school performance indicators for France have little impact on absenteisme, other things being equal (migration status, socio-economic level, etc.).