Three missions

The 2013 School Restructuring Law, the legislative Decree reaffirming the same, and the corresponding mission statement assign three main missions to the National Council for School System Evaluation (Cnesco).

Created vis-à-vis the French Law on the restructuring of the school system (n°2013-595, chapter 1erbis, article 33) which was adopted on 8 July 2013, Cnesco is one of the few institutions in France in charge of performing an independent evaluation in a specific field of public action.

This evaluation is meant to improve the knowledge of the functioning and results of the school system. It aims to inform educational actors (students, parents, professionals of the educational field, territorial authorities, popular education associations, etc.) along with the general public.

Cnesco also carries out the dissemination of programme and policy evaluation as well as research findings with the aim of informing the decision-making process when it comes to the French education system.

Three themes

Drawing from the objectives set forth for the French school system by the 2013 Restructuring Law as well as from the feedback of numerous members of the educational community, Cnesco has organized its activities around 3 main focal points, divided into 9 different themes.