Social inequalities

Social inequalities


Cnesco’s report tends to show that social inequalities at school take on numerous forms.  It can be inequalities in the treatment of the learning resources students genuinely have access to at school, inequalities in their academic results, social inequalities in their course of choices, in their diplomas and even in the efficiency of these latters on the employment market.

School inherits family inequalities but also produces social inequalities at each step of its organization. They have numerous forms and tend to add up and strengthen along the academic process.




To remember

  • France is one of the OECD countries where the level of socially disadvantaged students has been decreasing the most between 2003 and 2012.
  • When 4 hours of French class a week are scheduled in 9th grade the actual teaching time is 2h30 in education priority zone (ZEP), 2h45 out of the education priority zone and 3 hours in private schools.
  • One third of the students declare feeling insecure in their middle-schools when they are in education priority zone (ZEP).