Cnesco’s network

A collective intelligence

Cnesco acts alongside traditional actors in the area public policy evaluation. Its original stance lies in the fact that, with its network of researchers, it opens evaluation to education professionals and relies on strong partnerships in the academic world and with related institutions.

Associated research centers

In order to conduct its work evaluating the school system, Cnesco has surrounded itself with a network of almost 200 researchers and international experts. It has also established strong partnerships with 16 universities and research laboratories. As a result, Cnesco the place for dialogue between French education and the world of research as regards school system evaluation.

Involved educational personnel

Cnesco developed an inclusive evaluation system which widely associates educators to its work. A number of its activities specifically aim to establish a dialogue between researchers and practitioners. In that spirit, more than 1.000 practitioners have been mobilized to take part in International Comparisons Conferences, Consensus Conferences, and “Rue des écoles” Forums.