France is the European country that begins the earliest the displaying of citizenship education. It goes from the age of 6 to 12 (longest training in Europe), with less hours devoted to the subject year after year.

Studies show that active educational methods such as debates, citizen projects, have a more positive impact on the citizenship education, in opposition to a global lecture on civism for example. These active methods however are not yet very developed in France.

To remember

  • Only 13% of the French population thinks that young people have enough knowledge on their role as citizens.
  • 93% of French people still promote Civics classes. However, they now embrace new and more active teaching methods such as debates on questions of civism (88%), involvement in the life group’s life and the organization of class (93%).
  • Beyond the usual civics class’s themes, French people want new subjects such has women-men equality (91%) and the fight against discriminations (84%) to be talked about.