Mastering reading is a vital component of academic success, an important asset in the process of societal integration and to deepen one’s knowledge of the world and the people.

Being able to read is a central skill that is improved from preschool to college. After the first steps, the ability to read evolves with time and should not be restricted only to French classes.

Moreover, the development of digital objects and tools contributes to the evolution of reading habits and has to be taken into account in the teaching and learning process.

The conference aims to precise and look in depth into the translation of major phenomenon at play in both the learning process and the academic practices around reading.

To remember

  • 39% of the students are struggling by the end of primary school: they are unable to identify the main subject of a text, of understanding implicit information and of linking two pieces of information explicitly separated in the text.
  • In 2007, at the beginning of middle school, one student out of five had difficulties linked to their knowledge of common words.
  • 37% of the students cannot read by the end of middle school and 19% are in great difficulty (2012). There is a very big gap between the high performing students and struggling ones.


Interactive virtual conference